Energy Advantage Controls Provides An Average of 50% In Energy Savings With The Horstmann Controller.

These savings are achieved in a variety of ways to establish highest comfort levels and significantly reduce overall costs:

The following methods are utilized to improve the energy efficiency of HVAC units:

1) Gathering data from indoor and outdoor sensors.

2) Implementation of variable speed installation.

3) Shortening cooling and heating cycles.

4) Reduction of Compressor Head Pressure.

5) Utilizing an Energy Advantage Controller capable of processing 250 million data points per second for analysis and communication with the HVAC unit.

6) Provision of a 24 hour monitoring and alert system for remote system health.

There are financial benefits to implementing these measures as maintenance expenses are reduced, requiring fewer filter changes, and resulting in fewer equipment breakdowns when cycles are reduced. Financial savings are achieved through full amortization within four years, which is fully tax deductible in the first year.

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