In the face of rising energy prices and drastically accelerating climate change, energy efficiency has become a global challenge.

Through the use of building automation / measurement and control technology (MSR technology) and our superior control algorithm, significant savings of 30% are realistic in building operation (without loss of comfort and also without changes to the building envelope). For this purpose, the energy efficiency of plants and the efficiency of energy use is continuously monitored (energy monitoring) and purposefully increased.

Building automation is becoming increasingly important because:


  • More than 40% of the world’s energy consumption is in buildings.
  • One of the key means for this purpose are integrated solutions for building automation and room automation.
  • Investments in building automation, also and especially within existing systems, usually pay for themselves within a short time.
  • The sustainable use of energy has also become a business task, because the reduction of energy costs leads to an increase in competitiveness.
  • The energy efficiency of buildings can be increased by up to 30% with an optimized energy efficiency class A building automation system.

New technologies in building automation, digitization, IoT (Internet of Things) and BIM (Building Information Modeling) and the resulting multiple possibilities will significantly broaden the horizon of building automation. As a result, modern, forward-looking buildings are making fundamentally new demands on their building automation systems, their functionality, network, data and handling.

Even in today’s age of digitization, we are impressively pushing ahead with new solutions that transform the classic world of building automation into the world of digitization, the IoT (Internet of Things) and cloud services.


Components for Building Automation Systems

Automation systems

  • Automation stations ( BAC ) as well as input modules and output modules (I / O modules)
  • Control units and touch panels 
  • Communication interfaces for KNX, DALI, Modbus, M-Bus, radio technology EnOcean
  • Room automation systems


Field Devices

  • Sensors and monitors for temperature, CO2, air quality, humidity, pressure, level, etc.
  • Valves and actuators
  • Actuators for air dampers


Building management

  • energy management
  • cabinets
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Cable carrier and electrical wiring
  • data bus systems
  • Servers and gateways


Application and Functions of Building Automation

  • Automatic regulation of temperatures, humidity, CO2 and air quality within rooms
  • Efficient automation of energy centers, ventilation centers and energy recovery
  • Switching on, switching off, or dimming light depending on demand based on: presence, brightness, or other scenarios
  • Set shading devices/blinds depending on sunlight, room temperature, wind, or other scenarios
  • Implementation of scenarios such as central switching on and off, central room climate control and blinds adjustment, presence and absence, burglary protection etc…
  • Implementation of emergency scenarios
  • Collect and display all control processes and statuses in the building centrally
  • Increase security by monitoring window and door contacts, motion detectors and robbery alarm systems
  • Implement access control systems
  • Optimization of energy efficiency through consumption data acquisition of heat meters, water meters, gas meters and electricity meters as well as energy data management
  • Control of media devices and multi-room systems
  • Switching electrical appliances such as washing machine, dryer, dishwasher and the like through time catalogs and / or smart grid integration
  • Peak load control
  • Remote monitoring and remote control of the building via mobile terminals via Internet or telephone network

The Horstmann System is the ideal solution for retrofitting existing HVAC systems for the followings reasons:


  • Extends the life time of the HVAC unit (Up to 50%)
  • Substantially reduced maintenance Costs (filter changes, etc)
  • Easy to retrofit and install on existing systems
  • No modification of existing ducting necessary
  • Increased comfort level after retrofit
  • One Year FREE monitoring service included

Our Controller
Energy Advantage Controls save energy by intelligently regulating different aspects of building energy consumption. Our control unit with an advanced programmed algorithm uses information and processes received data from the indoor/outdoor sensors at a rate of more than 250 Million Times Per Second! This information is then used to optimize energy consuming elements of a building to achieve the highest possible savings.







Predictive Automation
The Horstmann system continuously monitors future weather patterns online and adjusts energy consumption and comfort levels accordingly.













Visible $avings
Our easy to use interface provides you

with real-time savings data based on your local currency and electricity costs.

  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), air quality

  • Lighting

  • Sun blinds

  • Occupancy sensing

  • Equipment for controlling electric power and other systems

  • Capture of consumption data (heat, natural gas, electric power, water)

  • Automatic control of multimedia systems and equipment

  • Integration of safety and security systems: access control, fire protection, video monitoring, robbery detection, doors and windows

  • Remote monitoring and control

According to Energy Information Administration’s latest Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey (CBECS) a building’s HVAC system accounts for 45% of its electrical energy usage.

In a traditional HVAC system there are few sensors and a thermostat that turns the system on/off as temperatures fluctuate. This control method is old and highly inefficient, since the system solely relies on turning itself on when temperature reaches a certain level, and shuts itself off when the desired set temperature on the thermostat is reached.


By contrast, Energy Advantage Controls solution utilises many sensors that continuously send data to a controller with an advanced hardware based algorithm which adjusts each of your energy consuming components to achieve higher efficiencies and more comfort. Energy Advantage Controls’ superior algorithm will no longer simply turn your systems on and off. Rather, our controller will use all the data it receives from the sensors to reduce or increase the fan speed as necessary, leading to a number of advantages:


1. Energy Savings of 50% Average

2. Reduced environmental impact

3. Typical Amortization Under 4 Years, 100% Write Off In The First Year

4. Optimized comfort level

5. Increased air quality

6. Reduced noise level

7. Reduced maintenance cost

8. Extend the life of existing equipment

9. No modification of existing duct systems

10. Condensate Reduction

Pollutants like germs and bacteria are reduced through Bee System’s unique method of air exchange which increases indoor air quality significantly.


Our control system is designed to create laminar airflow by layering the air and  blanketing the room which provides the highest comfort level by eliminating hot/cold spots.With more than a thousand installations worldwide, The Bee System has been overwhelmingly shown to dramatically increase room occupants’ comfort.


Our revolutionary system is designed to be accessed easily from your phone, tablet, or desktop.


You can control all aspects of your building by simply controlling your temperatures, lights, blinds, or any other automated element of your building by simply tapping, or clicking!


Our control interface is simpler to use than a traditional thermostat!