Health & Comfort

Our control system measures the air temperature and humidity; it then controls the energy recovery system based on optimized costs and energy usage within the comfort zone


Our patented control algorithm which regulates all components of the different air treatment zones in the most energy-optimized and cost-efficient solution.


Utilization of the area of optimum comfort


Mathematical weighting of the air processing according to method, energy medium, consumption cost, and energy efficiency.


The result is the most optimized control strategy of heat recovery for heating and cooling.


Which benefits:

  • Eliminating hot/cold spot
  • Modulating the fan speed
  • No temperature layering

Increased Air Quality

  • By reduced airflow causes reduced outside particulates
  • By constantly checking the outside air if it is cold enough to use it

Reduced Noise Levels

  • Active Silent Mode for Quiet Operation in Studios, Concert Halls, and Libraries